Record Ace Hardware in Raton, NM is inviting civil litigation and negative social media attention. Record’s Ace Hardware store staff profiles customers through application of arbitrary, unreasonable and inconsistent discriminatory practices, which are implemented with the goal of refusing service to potential customers. It has been my personal, and my contractor/employee’s experiences, that the store owners, managers and employees in general will ignore, harass, refuse service, or call the police on:

  • White males
  • Senior citizens
  • People they perceive to be a threat to “their Raton community”, because those people are deemed to be “community activists” or “suspected” to be working to engender (unwanted/dangerous) positive change in the community
  • People who complain either about the store’s poor operations, management and quality control, or about the store’s discriminatory practices, either to Marty or Jeff Record, or to Ace Hardware’s national customer relations.

I further believe that I have been treated differently because, by my observations, I am “not their friend”, I don’t “look like them”, or I am “new” or “not from around here”.

Unfortunately, Ace Hardware’s “national 800” Customer Service staff has done nothing to address or correct these problems or practices, which can only serve to damage Ace’s heretofore good reputation as “helpful hardware folks”. All people of good conscience should demand that Ace treat all customers equally, with respect and dignity befitting its espoused, but poorly implemented, principles.  Or, better yet, take your money away from them and shop somewhere else!

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